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Success Stories

“I was extremely pleased with the treatment that I received from Dr. Marchese on my last visit. He knew exactly where the pain was coming from and using different treatments I was able to walk better when I left and with less pain and it has continued”-anonymous


“Without MST I would be in a world of pain with very limited movement in my arm and shoulder. Three visits with Jess and ARPWave and I’m throwing pitches to my son again with ZERO pain. Thank You!” -Charlie S.


“Katie took the time out to listen to the problems and issues I have had with some constant pain, and today I feel like a whole new person.  She is very knowledgeable of every muscle and pressure point and takes massage to a whole new level.  I have gotten many massages in my life which usually feel like a very expensive moisturizing treatment, but I know now what massage “therapy” is and  I will certainly look no further.  I am so ecstatic to have run across Katie’s information, HIGHLY Recommend Her! -Erica F.


“Weight lifting with incorrect form left me with a lower back injury.  The pain kept me out of my work and continuing my Jiu-Jitsu training with competition tournaments approaching.  I was shocked at the incapacity to perform the most simple of tasks.  Dr. Camplese took me through a series of exercises that would expedite my recovery.  One of these was my introduction to the ARP Wave machine.  Having a background that includes NCAA Division I athletics I can attest to Dr. Camplese’s approach of chiropractic therapy with the ARP Wave without which I would still be delayed in recovery.” -Mike, 30, MMA competitor


“I have been going to Dr. Marchese for well over 10 years now. I have gone to him for everything from athletic injuries, assistance after surgery, to even getting help with recovering from an intense car accident, and so much more. He is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas, and has literally saved me countless times when I have needed it most. His treatments, guidance, and help has allowed me to live a much more pain free and enjoyable life. It is no exaggeration when I say, and tell others, that I trust Dr. Marchese with my life.” –Mike D.


“After 15 months of physical therapy following two arthroscopic surgeries on my hip, my orthopedic surgeon recommended I see Dr. Marchese in the hopes of relieving some, if not all, of my chronic hip and back pain.  Little did I know that when I went to Marchese Sports Therapy I would find the perfect blend of chiropractic care, sports therapy, circuit training, and humor. Dr. Marchese has a depth of knowledge about the mechanics of the human body that amazes me!  He delivers treatment based on the patients’ needs, not based on a cookie-cutter formula.  Dr. Camplese has the same approach to patient care, and both doctors deliver treatment in a fun and effective way.  Personal trainer, Kristen Marchese, works collaboratively with the doctors to tailor workouts to your strengths and weaknesses. When you visit Marchese Sports Therapy you feel like you’re getting the whole package- from excellent diagnostic skills to top-notch chiropractic care to a treatment that is specifically designed for you. They also include therapeutic exercises meant to aid your recovery and help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Without Dr. Marchese I would still be wondering what my life would be like having to live every day with pain.  Thankfully, because of him, Dr. Camplese, and Kristen, I’ll never have to find out!” –Suzanne W., Westford, MA


“I spent the entire hockey season dealing with an injury which took you three visits to get rid of. Why don’t all teams do what you guys do here?” –NHL 10 year veteran


“In the next ten years these techniques will be in every professional sports teams training rooms…guaranteed!” –NBA 8 year veteran


“Dr. Marchese saved me from having shoulder surgery: About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement by 2 prominent orthopedic surgeons, both recommended surgery to shave some of the shoulder bone away. Luckily enough I found Dr. Marchese, I remember him telling me that would involve a lot of work, and may be it would even feel a little worse but it would get better. After 2 weeks of manipulation, stretching, icing and heat. I was able to lift my arm over my head, and no longer needed to be on vioxx, nor did I need the surgery.” –Computer engineer


“Dr. Marchese is the BEST. I have been 4 other chiropractor in last 12 years and everyone has a different approach even when it comes to chiropractic practice. Not saying anything bad about the other chiropractors, but because Dr. Marchese combines body works with adjustments and recommends the exercise and stretches which is right for you, the results are just fantastic.” –Professional dancer


“One of the best: Great approach, especially for sport related injuries and problems. Spends the time and gears treatment to what is most effective. Not just another bone cracker.” – Weekend warrior

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