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Our mission began in 1999 as a commitment to bring the very best of the available, and not so readily available, therapeutic approaches. 

At Marchese Sports Therapy we incorporate the most effective approaches from multiple rehabilitative disciplines to address your specific condition(s).

Our evaluation procedures combine assessments drawn from chiropractic, orthopedic sports medicine, clinical neuroscience, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and eastern medicine, amongst other disciplines. This coupled with the newest in pain science models, and a biopsychosocial understanding of pain origins make our approach amongst the most complete and accurate in the rehabilitative field.

The evaluation and subsequent diagnosis leads us to the application therapeutic interventions including, but not limited to, chiropractic sports medicine, soft tissue techniques, neuromuscular re-education (aided by direct current units including ARPwave and NeuFit devices), functional neurology interventions, therapeutic exercise, strength and conditioning, and nutritional counseling. This multi-discipline approach has proven very effective over two and a half decades of practice, and we are continually adding to our treatment knowledge base through continuing education to bring our patients the most up to date, relevant, and effective techniques in the rehabilitative world.

About Us

Performance Based Rehabilitation

Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

“I spent the entire hockey season dealing with an injury which took you three visits to get rid of. Why don’t all teams do what you guys do here?” –NHL 10 year veteran

NHL 10 year veteran

"Dr. Marchese combines body works with adjustments and recommends the exercise and stretches which is right for you, the results are just fantastic."

Professional Dancer

“In the next ten years these techniques will be in every professional sports teams training rooms…guaranteed!”

NBA 8 year veteran


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11 Cabot Road

Woburn, MA  01801


781-281-0051 tel.

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Marchese Sports Therapy LOGO 2020.jpg
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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Wednesday and Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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